Our Services
We in Path Finders endeavour to find solutions for problems you cannot share with everyone.

1. Confidential Enquiries
2. Verification of address and financial status
3. Pre and post employment screening and detailed
4. Investigation of Insurance claims
5. Discreet verification of movable and immovable
6. Supply of Security Guards
7. Inspection of the existing security arrangements and
    specific recommendations to augument the same
8. Matrimonial enquiries: Discreet enquiries on
    prospective brides and bride grooms, pre-marital and
    post-marital investigations, horoscope screening etc.
9. Financial investigations: Asset location, Insurance
    Investigation, Commercial Investigation, Document
    Examination etc.
10. Surveillance/ shadowing and secret enquiries.
11. Document examination, pre-employment /
     post-employment screening, background check
12. Security consultancy for industrial establishments.